Although we can’t have in person services right now, we still want to connect with you! We are still here for you and want to encourage you to share your needs with us. As we go through this outbreak of disease we hope that all of you are staying safe, and know that you can let go and trust God.

Join us for Sunday school on Sunday mornings at 9:30.

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Check out our Magnify Kids page to stay up to date with Kids church and Pastor Vicki’s Stranger things!

Been missing the couches? Pastor Weston is waiting for you join him at Mpact. Check out the page to see what he’s got going on!


Explore Salvation!

If you recognize a need for Christ in your life we encourage you to visit our Salvation page to learn more about how a relationship with Jesus can change your life!

We want to pray for you! 

If you have a prayer request let us know about it so we can pray for you!